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Growing red and black currants together

Growing red and black currants together

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I want to plant red and black currants in the country. Tell me, please, how do these varieties coexist? Are they pollinated? How to care for different varieties of currants?


Black and red currants can be planted side by side; there have never been any problems with pollination and fruitfulness. The only aspect is that they are recommended slightly different humidity conditions: black loves moisture more. However, if you plant them nearby because of problems with placement on the site, then this is nonsense.
The care is almost identical, only you can cut old shoots on red currant less often, every 4 years. Blackcurrant is processed every 3 years. In the autumn, humus, do not loosen, so as not to damage the young roots. In season to water, process from aphids and other pests.

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