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How to get rid of moles in the garden: the best methods and tools

How to get rid of moles in the garden: the best methods and tools

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They say that moles are found only in high-quality and fertile land, and that in a bad country house they simply can not start. But these animals are a serious danger to future crops, and therefore it’s worth talking about how to get rid of moles in the country.

Naturally, we are pleased with the fact that the mole, living only in a high-quality fertile layer, chose our site, but only on this fact. We certainly have no other reasons for joy, because moles can seriously harm crops in the garden, flowers in flowerbeds, as well as the entire landscape design of a summer cottage. This small creature quickly enough to destroy the lawn, dig holes and moves, make you nervous.

How moles behave in the country

In fact, these pests absolutely do not care who lives just above them, and they simply conduct their livelihoods, thereby harming our cultivated plants. And therefore, we believe that for the most effective fight against animals, which generally do not care whose plot to spoil, we should study them quite seriously. After all, if the enemy is skeptical of us, we should not underestimate him at all.

So, what do we need to know about moles before starting actions to clean the area:

  • It is rare that only one mole comes to the site, more often they live in families, several or even dozens. Therefore, if you notice the appearance of one animal, then somewhere nearby there is his family, perhaps literally on the neighboring site or even a few meters from the first hole seen. This fact makes it even more difficult for us to destroy not one pest, but an entire family, of which we know nothing;
  • It is worth knowing that moles sleep peacefully in winter, such as, for example, hedgehogs. They dig holes deeper than the passages themselves under the soil, and arrange a small and warm den. It can be detected due to the large amount of excavated land. But to look for lairs is on the hills, from where the snow comes down faster and which are the first to warm up in the spring sun;
  • Mole passages can represent entire highways, mines and even halls underground. They occupy hundreds and hundreds of meters throughout the site, and are located at a depth of only 5-20 cm, precisely in that layer, which is called fertile. Pest vegetation is not interested, and therefore they spoil the root system of plants only by their indirect activity, but all the larvae, worms and beetles in this layer will be destroyed. Accordingly, everything in the zone of these moves will be seriously affected;
  • An interesting fact is that moles practically do not have abandoned passages, and working shafts are checked almost every hour. Thus, even a delayed move can be restored very quickly;
  • Animals do not tolerate free space, apparently, they feel a certain insecurity, and therefore rarely go outside from the soil, although this happens. They move quickly along holes, break through or push through the soil, and destroyed passages bypass or make a move slightly lower than the level;
  • The mole has a strong body and legs, as it digs its whole life and is in motion. Therefore, we have excellent advice for gardeners who may try to catch the beast with their hands. You should not do this, as the animal can easily escape from your hands, no matter what effort you make, but it can seriously injure you by biting or scratching it with powerful claws with claws. In addition, moles move quickly enough. Their average speed can reach 5-6 km / h, and this is the speed of a person walking fast. Therefore, you can be sure that if the mole jumped out of the trap, your hands, or just decided to walk a few meters through the fresh air, you won’t be able to catch it, because within seconds it will go underground;
  • Pests are cautious and reasonable, adapt to the terrain and do not allow themselves to dictate rules. It’s easier to say, they easily bypass the dangers, especially if you constantly use the same measures to eliminate pests from the site. Moles have serious vision problems, but the animal’s hearing and nose are surprisingly developed;
  • Moles eat a lot, the need for food is very great, and if you remember that the animals attack the site with their families and the fact of the possibility of quickly digging the soil, then literally within a week you can get huge damage.

How to deal with moles by various means

Thanks to the previously mentioned characteristics of these animals, which many summer residents already know, it becomes clear that pest control is a serious and very complicated business.

Prevention of mole invasion in a summer cottage

The surest way to never engage in the destruction of moles in the area is to prevent their appearance in their own country house. Preventing pests is quite an expensive process, but it should also be known to you.

So, the most correct way is considered to be a special perimeter fence that prevents animals from entering your area. It can be slate, roofing material in several layers or a galvanized steel mesh. These materials are dug along all the borders of the site to a depth of 50-60 cm, and with an exit above the ground level of 15-20 cm. Thus, the animals simply will not be able to dig tunnels into your territory.

Scaring away moles

There are many facts that say that moles are afraid of various sounds and go tens of meters from noisy territory, they are scared of makeshift rattles, plastic bottles in the wind and other noisers that you can buy or make with your own hands. But it has been proved that animals practically do not react to all this, maybe only about 10% of the animals, and then by accident.

I would also like to speculate a little on this topic:

  • Let's say you decide to buy a mole repeller, expensive and effective in appealing advertising. But you cannot know in which direction the animal will go, perhaps it is to your neighbor, or through one cottage, to your relatives. Are you ready to do this for your own good?
  • There is an opinion that it is simply unrealistic to install noisy repelling devices throughout the country. After all, if you work only with part of the cottage allotment, then what is the whole point in anti-mole operation?
  • They say that you can make good noise and survive the animals, just kick them out with sharp and loud sounds. To be honest, it’s very difficult to imagine how summer residents spend days wandering around the site and knocking buckets, lids, blowing a whistle and so on. Moreover, all this is extremely ineffective, because pests easily adapt to sounds.
  • There is an opinion that it is possible to drive out animals from the dacha by odorous substances, for example, rotten herring, rotting food debris and other means with a serious unpleasant odor. Here it’s already worth asking yourself how ready you are to turn the cottage into a landfill for the sake of fighting moles ... because the animals will simply go around the place where you dumped these substances, go a few meters and dig new tunnels.

As you can see, these methods simply cannot be called effective, and therefore we believe that even spending time on such nonsense will be wrong.

Poison to get rid of the pest in the garden

To tell you the truth, we have a skepticism about poison for moles, and there is a reason for this - the beast is a predator, and therefore baits in the form of poisoned grains or granules simply will not work on it. Until they came up with poisoned worms and larvae, this method can be considered ineffective, although many summer residents use special anti-mole agents and say that the poison copes well. It is likely that we simply did not fall for such drugs, and therefore we will not completely persuade you!


There are several types of traps, or rather, not types, but models of the same type. These are inexpensive and small traps in the form of a pipe and two covers on the sides, which work extremely poorly. The reason for this is simple - the mole bypasses it, since it discovers on its territory a foreign object that previously did not exist. Moreover, there is an opinion that he does not go into such a trap because the whole path of the animal consists of pushing its clawed legs away from the rough walls of the earth tunnel. In the trap pipe, the walls are smooth, which explains everything.

But there are larger traps that are designed specifically for the mole - the diameter of the hole in size, rough surface inside, special valves that do not let out the animal that fell into the trap. They are slightly more efficient, but also more expensive.


Not the most humane way, but one of the highest quality if the trap is purchased with the correct design. If this is standard mechanics, then the meaning of use is immediately lost.

The trap is installed in the mole shaft and sprinkled a little. Passing through it, the animal touches the valve or spring, the trap works, and that’s it. But if it were all so easy, mole traps would become bestsellers.

The whole problem is that the trap may not work, or it may work just to show the ground. At the same time, the mole is not so stupid as to go to certain death ... according to summer residents, the animals simply bypass the trap in a new side or more deep mine.

Catching moles by cats and dogs

Quite an interesting solution, but only if your domestic animals are interested in hunting, and you have not previously poisoned moles with chemistry.

Almost every dog ​​loves to dig in the ground, and every cat who is not very lazy is interested in prey. In practice, there are many examples when dogs and cats successfully rid a site of such pests.

There is only one question left - how to interest a dog or a cat to attack a mole? Everything is not so complicated here - you just need to watch the mole moves and, having seen the movement, bring the animal there. The first victim will be the best incentive for further hunting!

Planting scare plants

Black beans, hemp and beans could be a good tool if they had some evidence of this method of struggle. They say, of course, that planting on sites of these plants relieves summer residents from moles, but we have serious doubts, as well as many reviews that suggest the opposite. We will not argue, but we will not recommend this method either!

Using molehills to control pests

There is little humanity in this method, but when you don’t have any patience from a new and completely independent “landscape designer” in the country, you can use more stringent means.

There are a lot of molehills, but more often these are home-made devices that simply kill moles inside their mines during the passage of a certain zone by the animal. More often, electric molehills are used, and interestingly, it is about them that there are positive reviews.

Call a pest control service

It is possible to poison rats and mice with the help of special brigades, and moles that will not work? Well, here we are already talking about the quality of the drug used, the professionalism of the service workers, as well as the system of tunnels of the underground inhabitants.

If everything is done correctly, you will lose the problem already in the hours, if not, the moles can just leave the site for a while, and when it is safe in the holes, return.

Any of the above methods is not a 100% guarantee of getting rid of pests, and therefore we offer an integrated approach.

If you decide to get rid of moles in the country, use the most acceptable and safe way for yourself. If there are no moles at the dacha, but the presence of pests somewhere in the neighbors was discussed in the cooperative, we recommend spending money once and fencing the site with metal sheets, slate or roofing material.

One of the methods of fighting moles (video) invites all readers of the article to share their own experience in fighting moles. This information will be very interesting and useful. We recommend learning how to get rid of mosquitoes in the country.

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