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Our yard is used exclusively for practical purposes. That is, hens, geese, mice walk on it, cows pass back and forth, sometimes there are cars. Now it’s just rammed over the years, which turns into dirt in winter or in rain. I would like to somehow clear the territory, ennoble so that you can walk not only in rubber boots. On the other hand, the coating should be strong enough to withstand severe loads, and on the third - so that it is convenient to sweep or wash it. I can’t even imagine what it could be. Gravel does not fit right away, there were thoughts about asphalt or concrete - but how to do it right?


I would not advise laying asphalt in the yard. Firstly, it is unhealthy, secondly, in the summer it will be very hot, evaporation and all that, thirdly expensive. If you choose between concrete and asphalt, it is better to concrete. In the summer it will not be hot, it will be clean in the yard as you would like, but it will dissipate from rain and snow over time, pieces of concrete will crumble, hatch, but not as bad as health. Although I myself am for the environment, I am for the lawn.

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