The use of herbicides Roundup and Tornado against weeds in the country

The use of herbicides Roundup and Tornado against weeds in the country

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The use of herbicides in the country is increasingly becoming justified, because weed control every year takes a lot of time and effort. But for the correct and effective effect on weeds, one should study the characteristics of the preparations, as well as the manufacturer's instructions.

Not so long ago, we studied the best advice from specialists in weed control, and in this material there was already a point on weed etching with chemistry. Today, we decided not to choose the best way, but to pay attention to drugs that will help us fight millions of small and large plants that interfere with the cottage.

When working with chemicals, it is worthwhile to understand that most of the drugs are dangerous to human health. Do not forget to read the instructions and be sure to use personal protective equipment!

Herbicides Roundup and Tornado

We decided to have a more constructive conversation than simply retelling the labels on the chemicals. We will begin, perhaps, with a description of the chemical struggle itself.

So, the chemical control of weeds gives the greatest effect when etching root shoots, which are almost impossible to defeat. When working on the beds with a hoe, we break a lot of plants into small parts and distribute them in the country, which can cause the opposite effect. From small pieces of roots, which are now carefully mixed with soil, new and new weeds can grow, covering the soil and interfering with the growth of cultivated plants. Among such weeds are sow thistle, pikulnik, creeping buttercup, wild chamomile, field cirsium and many others.

According to the notes of summer residents in the network, and in personal communication with specialists, we found out that Roundup and Tornado are considered the most popular means of weed control today. But do not immediately dream that these drugs will help to completely clear the dacha of weeds and do not affect the cultural planting, because they also have their drawbacks.

Cleaning the soil with the help of Tornadoes and Roundups is possible, as well as removing almost half of all weeds from the garden beds, but there are also negative effects. The whole problem is that these are continuous action herbicides, which means that it is not selective plants that etch, but everything! In other words, all the vegetation that came under processing has every chance of dying!

How to avoid this? Try to apply drugs only on weeds, although it is very difficult. Therefore, experts recommend working with similar herbicides before planting cultivated plants.

Processing the soil with weeds with the indicated preparations will help to qualitatively clean its surface for a whole one and a half to two months, which will be quite enough for the growth and development of seedlings. Moreover, after a few weeks there will be practically no preparations left in the soil, since they do not accumulate. Also, many note the safety of drugs for humans, but we would not recommend experiments and advise you to treat the drugs as well as other dangerous chemicals, that is, with a high degree of caution!

The disadvantages of chemicals Roundup and Tornado

Means qualitatively clean most of the weeds, do not accumulate in the soil, are safe and effective, but have serious drawbacks, for example, they do not affect the seeds of wild-growing herbs, although they qualitatively affect their underground part.

Most of the weeds are propagated precisely by seeds, which, thanks to the wind, our activity, birds and many other factors, are very easy to spread across the country and in a week or two they begin to grow in full a couple of meters from the treated area. In addition, unfinished root residues remaining deep in the soil will begin to release green shoots for 30–40 days, which, together with weeds growing from seeds, will give a new wave, perhaps stronger than the first.

What additional weed control measures to use

And really, then what to do? If potent drugs like Tornado and Roundup do not help, or if you worry that their use will not be as effective as you expect, complex measures must be taken:

  • After processing, start building special fences on the beds, for example, use digging slate to a depth of at least half a meter;
  • Make high beds for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other seedlings that will be planted in a summer cottage;
  • Pay maximum attention to the aisles, for example, even cover them with film, linoleum, paving slabs, cover with gravel and so on;
  • Do not forget about the standard prevention of weeds on the site - remove only the shoots that have appeared manually and with a hoe, uproot everything that you do not like, often take down the tops of the weeds so that they do not have time to give seeds.

Other weed control chemicals

Today on the market there are many inexpensive positions, as well as professional tools that gardeners use in the country to destroy weeds. Many of them are good, others are not very good, and others may not work at all. But this is far from always the fault of the manufacturers, because most often, these are drugs with similar components and almost identical effects, and are simply called differently. And the funds do not work in connection with the improper use or purchase by the summer residents of a fake, in which there are many times less useful properties.

At the moment, you can pay attention to Hurricane, Totril, Agrokiller, LINTUR, Lapis lazuli, Haupsin, Fusilad and dozens of other pesticides and herbicides that will help to grow a quality crop of cultivated plants, minimizing the number of weeds.

A variety of methods can be used to treat individual sections of weeds, but chemical treatment with sprayers can be considered the fastest and most effective!

Weed treatment with Tornado

Thoughtful weed control in the country helps us cleanse the soil as much as possible, remove plants in which pests and diseases accumulate, and allow cultivated plants to develop properly. But do not think that there is any unique miracle remedy that will help to kill weeds in the beds once and for all ... only complex measures and your painstaking work !!! And chemicals for weeds are just auxiliary. But weeds are not only harmful, but also benefits.

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