How to make your own air freshener: a few simple ways

Despite the wide selection of ready-made fresheners, sometimes it makes sense to make an air freshener with your own hands. This will make it possible to independently choose the smell and its intensity, because it often happens that the aroma of the purchased freshener is too harsh or causes an allergic reaction. Homemade freshener is more perfect in that regard, especially if you learn correctly, select the concentration of aromatic oil.

We will consider several ways to make a freshener with your own hands, which will be based on aromatic oil and some other harmless component of natural origin.

Aroma lamp freshener

On a piece of cotton wool, drop 2-3 drops of essential oil with a pleasant smell for us and put the cotton wool in a small container, which we place on the battery (or other heat source). Heated by the heat from the battery, the esters will evaporate, resulting in a pleasant aroma that quickly spreads throughout the room. In fact, this freshener is a simplified aromatic lamp.

Instead of batteries (which, for example, do not work in summer), the same cotton wool moistened with ether can be placed on a vacuum cleaner, in the place of air blowing. And simultaneously with the operation of the vacuum cleaner, refreshing aromas will spread throughout the apartment.

You can still put cotton wool with ether in a linen closet, only periodically change it to a new one.

By the way, if a car air freshener has come to an end, then a spray can can still serve from it. After pouring a small amount of water into it, drip a few drops of essential oil. A new and highly effective freshener is ready!

DIY air freshener gel

It is not difficult to get a gel freshener. To do this, add gelatin to a glass of water and mix it well to a jelly state. Then add 1 teaspoon of glycerin so that the flavor does not dry too quickly, and pour 2-3 drops of aromatic oil. After these manipulations, our gel freshener is ready, it can be used anywhere - in the country, in the apartment or in the car. It is comfortable, does not spill from accidental touch and will last quite a long time. For greater aesthetics, you can mix dye into the freshener and put it in a transparent container, so that it looks like an original decoration.

Aromatic pendants

Aromatic pendants are not quite right to be classified as air fresheners, but they bring their benefit. To make them, you will need small bottles filled with some kind of base (sand, petals, twigs for choice), into which a bit of essential oil is dripped (1-3 drops). The bottle is closed with a tight lid, from time to time it can be opened and inhale a pleasant aroma.

Citrus Floral Freshener

From a pair of oranges and 30-40 flowers of dried cloves, you can build an excellent freshener of natural origin. We divide carnation flowers into two equal heaps (each orange will have its own). After that, we start to stick flowers in oranges. From the resulting flower-orange "hedgehogs" days 12-15 will come a pleasant citrus-clove aroma, eco-friendly and safe for health.

Kitchen air freshener

In the kitchen, a freshener is very necessary, because the smells of foods and prepared food are very stable and not always pleasant. The remedies tested by many housewives are coffee beans and cinnamon sticks. To get rid of the smell, coffee grains or cinnamon are placed on a hot pan and soon unpleasant odors from the kitchen disappear. Using the same principle, you can use dried zest of orange.

Freshly ground coffee is also an excellent flavor. Pour two teaspoons of coffee into a small bag and hang it tightly and hang it somewhere in the kitchen.

Another effective way is to add lemon juice to the spray bottle with water and spray this surface with the composition in the house.

The unpleasant odor that is felt when opening the refrigerator door can be controlled with lemon slices sprinkled with soda. You need to put these slices in the refrigerator. You can simply put water in the refrigerator with soda dissolved in it. After a while, bad smells from the refrigerator will no longer bother you. Surely, you have your own recipes for air fresheners, tell us how you deal with unpleasant odors.

DIY air freshener

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