Best plant root growth stimulants: application and characteristics

Best plant root growth stimulants: application and characteristics

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Not so long ago, summer residents began to use stimulants and growth regulators more actively for growing plants. Today we will find out what these substances are, how they affect the development of plants and how useful they are to achieve a particular result.

In any plant, there is a certain set of phytohormones, each of which is responsible for its own process in the life of the plant. An example of such can be called the most known to many of us gibberellins, cytokinins and auxins. Each of these phytohormones knows a certain process. So, gibberellins are responsible for flowering plants and fruiting, auxins regulate the formation of the root system and metabolism, and cytokinins are responsible for the growth of buds and shoots.

Thanks to the allocation of plant hormones by scientists, it was possible to most successfully approach the issue of improving and some transformation of agricultural technology, in which special substances that are analogues of phytohormones can now fully participate. These are growth stimulants and regulators.

Where do plant growth stimulants come from?

At the moment, the most popular method for the production of special substances that positively affect plants and supply them with energy for growth and development is known. This is the allocation of special elements and substances from bacteria, fungi, coal, peat, algae and other natural donors. But there are synthetic analogs that differ little from natural ones.

The use of growth stimulants

Using one or another stimulant, you can get completely different results, because the synthesized phytohormones are reflected at different stages of development and plant vital systems. In addition, you need correct, phase and purely “prescription” use in order to get a significant result. But interestingly, using such drugs, you will always get positive changes.

The maximum effect can be achieved with double use, but only the instruction on the purchased drug will help determine the correct dosage and period of use.

Remember, you should not change the intervals of introduction of regulatory substances or change the application rate, because oversaturation does not mean a positive result.

Popular Growth Stimulants

We decided to point you to the most famous and popular stimulants that most summer residents rely on when growing seedlings and young plants. We really hope that this list will be useful for you and will help to grow not only bright greens of crops, but also a good harvest at the end of the season.

Heteroauxin stimulator (indolylacetic acid)

This growth stimulator is considered the most famous, since it was first introduced in a modern laboratory. Treatment of plants with heteroauxin increases the amount of phytohormone auxin and positively affects root formation.

Seed treatment is possible, while germination is significantly increased. If we process young cuttings, we get the maximum survival rate of planting material.

In addition, the drug is very convenient for root restoration when transplanting seedlings.

The drug is introduced according to strict instructions, under the root of the plant, in the form of an aqueous solution.

Root growth stimulator Kornevin

Kornevin is not much different from the previous drug, but it acts on the plant longer, which allows you to systematically gain root strength and take root gradually, without sharp jerks in development.

Contribute to Kornevin in the same way, in the form of a properly prepared aqueous solution, under the root of the plant.

Growth Stimulator Ethamon

A relatively new drug that also stimulates root formation. It is characterized by the fact that it is introduced through foliar top dressing, which is often more convenient than pouring concentrates under the root.

Ethamon allows you to seriously improve the functioning of the root system at the cellular level, due to which it becomes the most susceptible to essential nutrients. It is not surprising that after the use of the drug, plants noticeably transform and begin to develop intensively.

Ethamon perfectly copes with its task in open and closed ground, but its effect is even better when used in combination with full mineral fertilizer.

Zircon stimulant with fungicidal activity

The drug is aimed at root formation, but at the same time actively increases the immunity of plants to a variety of fungal infections. That is why Zircon is increasingly chosen by modern summer residents, because it has a double and very useful effect.

An interesting fact is the increased effect on the root system, when used together with the above means. But be extremely careful, read the instructions and follow the advice of specialists before using the funds.

Bioregulator and accelerator Epin

Epin, a drug with a unique effect on plants, is becoming increasingly popular in the windows of specialized retail outlets. They say that having tried it once on their own beds, a practical summer resident will always have a supply of funds in his shed.

And why not, because Epin not only removes plants from the stress after transplantation, but also has many other positive characteristics. The tool improves tuberization, stimulates immunity to late blight, significantly increases the nutritional value of potato root crops, reduces the content of nitrates and salts of heavy metals. In addition, you should definitely understand that the drug significantly increases the germination of seeds, mainly peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as improves protective functions, helps to increase the number of fruit ovaries, and accelerates ripening.

Experts advise Epin if it is necessary to increase the energy of plants, protect seedlings and adult crops from negative atmospheric phenomena, neutralize the effects of pesticides, improve plant quality and increase yield.

Stimulants Bud and Ovary for fruit formation

These drugs are used to accelerate the flowering of plants and obtain seeds. The preparations contain gibberellins. Processing occurs as follows:

  • Before budding the plant, if necessary, to accelerate flowering;
  • After the formation of the ovaries, if necessary, accelerate fruit formation.

Rules for using growth stimulants

As for each drug used in the summer cottage, for our indicated ones we have our own specific rules. First of all, it is worth remembering forever that the use should occur strictly according to the instructions, otherwise the drugs can give a reverse and very unpleasant effect. Let's look at a simple example of using stimulants for growing crops:

  • Before sowing the seeds in the soil, soak them in Kornevin or Heteroauxin for 6 hours. Seeds will give much better and abundant seedlings;
  • When the seeds have sprouted, it is necessary to strengthen the seedlings and its root system. For this, it is advisable to apply spraying with Ethamon, Epin or Zircon;
  • During transplanting seedlings in open ground, prepare a solution of Kornevin and treat the seedlings with it, which will allow each plant to take root well. Spray the plants in the garden twice a month with Etamon solution. This will not only accelerate rooting and growth, but also strengthen seedlings and allow it to adapt. In addition, seedlings will give flowering earlier.

How to choose growth stimulants for seedlings

Use growth stimulators as intended, build the correct sequences from phytohormones, follow the instructions of the drug, be sure to study the rules for growing healthy seedlings, follow agricultural techniques and thanks to this, get a really good crop. Well, if you have your own opinion on this matter, we will gladly listen to it. Welcome to the discussion of the article!

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