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Do-it-yourself step-ladder for giving: tools, material, assembly

Do-it-yourself step-ladder for giving: tools, material, assembly

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You can, of course, buy a finished ladder in the store, but after all, a summer residence is such a place where, in theory, you should try to do everything yourself, applying your own work, skills and ingenuity. So that later you could look around your domain and feel a surge of legitimate pride in the work of your own hands. So why not make a stepladder with your own hands? And using our recommendations, it will be even easier. So, our goal is to build an ordinary portable multi-purpose ladder.

What tools will be needed

Before starting work, we will select a set of necessary tools, these will be:

a hacksaw with a small tooth, measuring tape, square, pencil for drawing marks. Also, you can not do without a drill, for which you need 2 drills for working with wood, dimensions f 3 mm and f12 mm and a length of at least 50 mm. Still need to stock up with medium-sized sandpaper and a hammer.

Separate parts of the stepladder for gardening will be fastened with self-tapping screws for wood, two M10 bolts (length 120 mm), nuts -4 pcs, 8 pcs. washers. We will have 2 pieces of chain, each half a meter long, the recommended chain link parameters are 1.5-2 mm thick, 1 cm long. We will fasten the chains with semicircular brackets (4 pcs.)

We begin to do a step-ladder with our own hands

Racks and the crossbeam can be made of pine, for which you need to take an even beam with a section size of approx. 40X70 mm. We choose a beam without knots, of course, and preferably a yellowish shade without any grayish or dark brown blotches.

The design of a stepladder for a summer residence with us will consist of a support and a ladder, which will be connected on hinges of bolts and washers. We attach the crossbars to the racks with self-tapping screws, sawing each by 30 mm, in the racks we make 20 mm grooves. The cuts weaken the strength of the racks, and to compensate for it, before the final installation of the crossbar, we lubricate it in the places of contact with the rack with wood glue or at least PVA.

The strength of the fastening of the support is provided by the bars sewn with an overlap. To make the construction reliable, the transverse bars are attached to the rack with 2 self-tapping screws of 65 mm length.

Metal corners will give additional strength to all elements of the ladder.

We collect a ladder with our own hands

Before starting the assembly, it is recommended that all parts of the ladder be treated with sandpaper, and then proceed to assembly. Then you need to wait a while to fix the glue at the joints, when this happens, you need to primer the wooden parts with linseed oil and paint it with oil paint.

After drying the paint, it remains only to connect the ladder with the bolt with bolts and attach the fixing chains with brackets.

That's the whole wisdom of constructing a stepladder for giving with your own hands.

DIY step stool

Perhaps you have your own tried and tested ways to make a stepladder that are different from those discussed in the article, share your experience! We recommend reading the article on a spiral staircase made of wood in a country house.

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